Chelsie + Kevin

I can’t believe summer has come and gone! One of my favourite shoot’s this summer was in Ottawa in the sunflower field with these two!

Chelsie and I go way back to College days where we both studied in Photography at Algonquin College. She reached out after getting engaged to photograph their wedding. It’s such an awesome feeling when another photographer wants you to shoot their wedding!

I was super pumped driving up to their engagement shoot because the sky had these beautiful thick clouds, perfect shooting weather. ( If your a photographer you will understand) However once I got there the clouds disappeared and we were in a field with direct sunlight which is no bueno! Very tricky lighting to shoot in!

Chelsie and Kevin had such a relaxed vibe that they patiently waited with me for some thick clouds to roll back in! Thankfully those beautiful clouds came back. After patiently waiting when these two got in front of the camera their love just shined! They were so adorable and a ton of fun! It was so fun to reconnect with Chelsie and capture these special memories for them and I can’t wait to be apart of their big day next year!



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